1. All memorials, monuments and grave markers must be cut from quarried granite, marble or cast from genuine bronze.  Variations must be approved in advance by Selma Township Board.
  2.  No planting of trees of any kind, lilac bushes, rose bushes, or berry bushes or any other kind of bushes or shrubs. Artificial flowers are permitted in urns only.
  3.  Installation of foundation is to be done by Monument Company only.  No private setting of markers or foundations.
  4. Time and date for burials and vaults shall be set my Sexton of the Cemetery, 48 hour notice for all burials.
  5. Proper notification of burial will be given to the Funeral Director.
  6. No person, other than Cemetery personnel, will be permitted to open or close any grave. Cemetery personnel are responsible for making an open grave safe.
  7.  No vehicle shall exceed a speed limit of 5 MPH throughout the cemetery.  All vehicles are to park in designated areas and drive must remain clear.
  8. All persons, other than Cemetery personnel are prohibited from picking flowers or injuring any tree, plant or Shrub on Cemetery ground.
  9. All urns and flowers need to be in line with the headstones.
  10. Funeral directors, upon arrival at Cemetery, must present the necessary burial or transit permit from the local health department.
  11. The Cemetery Sexton or designate shall reserve the right to remove funeral designs and floral pieces as soon as they become unsightly.
  12. All pets must be on leashes.
  13. Winter burials and grave site services are permitted at the discretion of the Sexton. (Weather permitting and at the different winter burial prices.)
  14. Cement vaults are mandatory and must be purchased through funeral director.
  15. Any existing bushes and trees must be in line with headstones and be kept to a minimum or they will be removed.
  16. The Selma Township Board reserves the right to changes these rules at any time.